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Greetings everyone! (´∀`)♡ Time for another small tutorial from me, similar to the How to buy wigs via eBay, but this time with focus set on circle lens for cosplay. With less pictures this time around.” 

Firstly, I wanted to talk about few main points when it comes to buying circle lens. For basic circle lens care and How to’s, visit my blog’s entry for circle lens care, right here

Disclaimer: There are many factors that influence my choice of buying lens.

※ I mostly get my lens from PinkyParadise and MapleLens store, which are my sponsors. If you use the coupon ‘kitsunedon’, you can get -15% OFF your purchase @ MapleLens!

※ Make sure you are alright with wearing circle lens, it is advised to visit a doctor first before purchasing lens. For more care tips, refer to my blog entry! Thank you~ 


Let’s get started! 

  1. Get a reference for your character. I understand that sometimes it might be hard, especially if the characters are new and there are no available designs and references. But even so, I often prefer picking lens which are more to my liking (for example, a certain shade of green or brown - something that I find more fitting for photography and photoshoots) or if you’re unable to tell your character’s eye colour properly (i.e Ja’far from MAGI), just go for something that you think might fit them! 
  2. Do NOT depend on separate lens pictures (as you can see in the third picture) and ALWAYS check reviews, pictures, (google images for all I care) to see how the lens REALLY look on eyes. There are plenty of review for most lens, with dark and even light natural eye colour, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find something! I picked Dueba’s Green lens for Rikka, even though the separate lens look nothing like her eye colour. But once you put them on your eyes, voila~! A wonderful turquoise colour!
  3. Try to look for authorized online stores. I wouldn’t just buy lens off of some unknown source. Also try to look for discounts! Many sites offer cheaper shipping for larger orders, so get your friends together and let your wallet breathe! 
  4. MALE vs FEMALE characters: For me, I’m usually prone to buying larger lens (14.8mm - 15.0mm) for female characters. As for male characters, I tend to go for smaller lens, around 14.5mm in diamater. If you don’t want to enlarge your eyes, go for plain 14.00mm But since my eyes are quite small, I always go for bigger lens! They also look much, much better in photos. 
  5. I tend to browse circle lens by colour, not by brand (GEO, EOS, Dueba, etc.) because that way I can access more colours and designs. 
  6. Picking a circle lens takes DAYS for me! I definitely don’t rush my choice. I always pick a few and compare reviews, pictures, my own taste and the character’s reference. Lens are not cheap, so I’m always thinking if I can reuse them for another character or just wear them for daily wear.

And that’s it! I think I went though the most important points for me when buying lens. It’s a lot of work, and a lot of browsing - but it’s always fun! Mixing a good lens choice with appropriate make up makes the cosplay for me. I hope this little something was helpful! And if you have any more questions, feel free to drop them in my askbox. ☆

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