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Hello everyone!!  (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) 
I’ve been asked about my wigs for the longest time - and instead of replying to each of you individually, I finally decided to sum up my experience with ebay and how things go down from there for me. ♥ 

I’ve always purchased my wigs from ebay, and over the years I’ve came across both good and bad sellers. So, based on my experience, I’ve decided to share this tutorial with you guys. I hope it will be helpful! \o/

DISCLAIMER: There are many factors that influence my choice of wigs. 

 Firstly, it’s the character’s reference. I do a lot of research on other cosplayers as well (live reference is great!!), and knowing my face shape I can choose what style to go for. More spiky, more smooth, etc., whether I want to cover my forehead, the side of my face, etc. etc. …
※ It also depends on what effect I want to achieve with my wig - whether I want to go with original anime reference or do an interpretation of my own. 

 Also, I usually do a lot of styling to my wigs. Important thing is that unless you’re buying a pre-styled wig (i.e. for Nezumi from N.O.6), you might need to style your wig -  shorten it/spike it/brush it because the wigs are usually much longer (either the fringe or the back of the wig) so that they fit all face shapes and sizes. And, they are usually pretty mussed up from aall that traveling they have to go trough before reaching you, hehe. Wigs are meant to be styled!! Don’t be afraid of it - there are plenty tutorials online, and it would be a shame if you bought a great wig and haven’t customized it to fit your face/your character’s hair adequately.

※ My budget is also important, but I often find myself spending a lot on wigs because to me they are the most important part of the costume. So even if I start with the cheapest ones, I may end up with a 30 USD wig! uh-oh

I don’t have any specific sellers! My wigs are ALWAYS search & find.  

※ Browsing for wigs can be great fun. ♥ I take my time choosing a good wig, even a month, browsing through pages and pages of ebay to find a perfect fit or compare colour, style, etc. … Don’t make hasty decisions! And ask your friends for their opinion, this always helps! (ノ´∀`)

Alright, I’m done here I think… - in case I left any questions unanswered, ask away~!!

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