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wingsofneko asked: Hi! I love the 3DMG tutorial!! I'll go to my first convention and I decided to do the scouting legion cosplay! (yeah, I decided to do the most hard cosplay for my first time ¬¬) anyway, about the tutorial I got confused with the wooden part, idk if you used craft foam or anything else? Arigatou!<3 this is so much helpful! And sorry for my ba english :(

Hello there!! image First of all - Good luck on your Scouting Legion cosplay! I hope it will work out for you!

Basically, what I did was that I stacked shaped foam board on top of each other. I cut out the shape I wanted (a few pieces of the same exact shape) and stuck them together until I was satisfied with the thickness. I hope that helps!! (And your English is good, don’t worry ♥)

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Anonymous asked: How did you connect the back piece of your gear machine to your belt?

Hello there! image I connected the gear machine and main belt with two thin belts! This way I  also more or less accurately decorated the back of the gear machine. Then I used transparent PVC material (basically another belt, except transparent!) to attach it onto my body so that it holds shape properly, just to be sure. It’s an additional step - you don’t have to do it if it’s not neccessary. I hope that explains enough! If not - I will attach a picture as well. 

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wonderlandweird asked: I just put your whole tutorial tag onto my favorites, mostly because 3DMG is a bitch to make, but your tutorial makes it a bit easier... :D

Thank you dear! image I’m just very happy to hear that the tutorial is more or less helpful. ♥ It’s very fun to do though! Good luck with creating your own!! 

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j-jocosplay asked: In regards to the foamboard ask about buying it in America. Michaels and Jerry's Artarama both carry it. Basically any art or craft store should. Hardware stores don't but check any kind of art or craft (usually in the back) and if should be there.

AHHH, HERE’S THE ANSWER!! You can get foamboard or kappa board in Michael’s or Jerry’s Artarama if you’re from the States!! Thank you so much for sending this info in image

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Anonymous asked: Was the pipe you used for the fan part of the gear the same pipe you used for the pressure bottles? The pipe for the fan part seems a lot wider... Did you put fans on both sides of the gear (the revised one)?

Hello! I used two different types of pipes: One type for the GEAR, and one type for the pressure bottles. If you cannot find proper pipes for pressure bottles, I recommend using pet bottles instead! 


As for the fan, the manga reference suggests that it’s only on one side. Just like this:


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Anonymous asked: Cant wait for your Japan photo report :) / Lusu

I need to get on it ASAP! image I just have a lot of school work to deal with recently, so it might take some time. Stay tuned for it though!!

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Anonymous asked: Hi! Will u have your Garry from Ib cosplay on some festival?

Hello there! I am surprised that people recognize my Garry cosplay image Thank you! I might wear it again, it is a fun costume that I really adore. In the future I plan to post my cosplay plans for conventions and events so you’ll surely see him there somewhere ♥

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captain-levi asked: screams, im so upset. i hadn't known you came to otakon, so i didn't get a chance to meet you v _ v will you be going to otakon 2014?? if so, it would be wonderful if the two of us could meet! :)

ohno— I would LOVE to meet you! image I actually didn’t know anyone aside from my online friends who go to Otakon before. I’ve met a lot of amazing people in the States and I really adore the cosplay community it has!! It was absolutely amazing for me, I definitely want to visit again ♥

I am planning for Otakon 2014 for sure! Let’s meet and have a good time! 

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Anonymous asked: Hello Asu! Firstly, you are absolutely amazing and I hope I will be able to meet you again someday x3 and secondly, I would really like to ask you this: How are you keeping yourself so well in shape? :"3 Thanks! Much love ♥♥♥

Hello there lovely anon! image Thank you so much for liking my work — I hope to meet you again as well! (I wish you came off anon so that I’d recognize who you are, ahhh)

As for keeping in shape - I assume you meant physically fit? ♥ I’ve been a real glutton lately, honest … However, when a convention or a photoshoot where I need to luck my best appears, I tend to work out and do the traditional: Running! I usually do squats and run about 10 km per day, since I am a big fan of jogging. Also, cutting on sweets helps as well! My tip is to exercise with music (I usually listen to KPOP haha/////) because you can concentrate on the rhythm. 

I hope this was a little bit helpful at least! If you have any further questions, just ask away. ♥♥

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thekikipet asked: Hi! I would just like to thank you so much for your wonderful 3DMG tutorial. I made my own using it and it was a big help! You're super awesome and talented!

Whoa, hello there!! It makes me incredibly happy to hear that the tutorial helped you!  image And thank you very much for the compliment///////////////// Happy cosplaying! 

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